Company logo size and your website

A topic of conversation that occasionally comes up in the design phase with our clients, is “Can you make my company’s logo bigger?”.  While we always strive to accommodate our clients requests, we also want to look out for our client’s best interest.  To that end, we like to provide as much information to our clients so they can make a decision.  And in the case of company logos, unfortunately, bigger isn’t always better.  Typically, the logo on your website shouldn’t be that big.

There are different reasons as to why a client makes such a request, but we can typically narrow it down to two main reasons:

  1. I want my website visitors to remember my brand!
  2. I want my website visitors to know where they are!  It doesn’t seem like the logo is taking up very much space so a visitor may not know they are on my company’s page.

I often like to use analogies to drive home a point.  But think of texting.  Everyone knows that when you type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, that it’s the equivalent of shouting.  Now let’s ask ourselves, does a larger logo add or subtract to our company’s branding?  Or does it get in the way of communicating our company’s message and information?  Does a bigger logo shout a message of “it’s all about me, not about you” to the consumer?”

Your website visitor typically landed on your website because they had a question or needed help.  If you’re helping your site user answer the questions they had when they came to your site, you’re building your brand in a much improved way than shouting your company’s logo.  Although brand recognition may be a big part of your marketing strategy, you’re not going to accomplish those goals by simply making your logo BIGGER on everything.

Also, consider the use of cell phones, tablets and net books.  These smaller portable devices have limited real estate.  A larger logo monopolizes a higher percentage of those smaller screens.  So the question we have to ask ourselves is what’s more important?  If our website visitor would only remember one thing, would we prefer they remember our logo or our message?

Finally, take a look at the logos and website headings of some pretty well known household names and draw your own conclusions.

logo size and websites

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