MUST have Tools for startup business owners

Must have tools for startup business owners
Running your own business means wearing alot of hats. From billing to customer service, marketing to administrative tasks and scheduling! Here are a few tools we’ve come across that will help make some of your administrative tasks a little simpler to manage so you can focus on doing what you love.

So you need to invoice your client but don’t have any software or templates to do so? Here are a couple of online resources you can use to free up some of that accounting work, so you can focus on doing the work you love.

  • allows you to create and send professional looking PDF invoices online.  It’ll even calculate taxes and totals for you.  You don’t have to register but there’s a huge advantage to registering so you can keep invoicing records.  Check out the pricing section and you’ll see that you can sign up for a FREE plan that will allow you to not only invoice but also accept payments through PayPal!  Upgrade to the Basic Plan for $9.99 a month and now you can acced payments as well!
  • cloud accounting makes running your small business financing easy, fast and secure.  It’s used by over 5 million businesses to streamline time tracking and client invoicing.  It’s easy to use, and send payment and late payment reminders.  They offer 3 different pricing levels from $15 to $50 a month BUT they also give you a try it before you buy it option.  This means you can try it out for 30 days free, best of all there is no credit card or banking information required to give it a spin.


  • is an easy and powerful platform for getting eSignatures on your business agreements.  It allows you to scan any document and convert it to a pdf file.  Say you have a contract that you need a client to sign but your client doesn’t have time to meet up with you.  No problem!  You can use the camera on your phone, take a picture of it and it’ll scan as a pdf file.  Then you can send it to your client, have them sign it using their phone and send it back to you using the same app.  How’s that for awesome?


  • Hubspot.  Customer Relationship Management.  If you’re not familiar with what a CRM is, nows the time to learn.  This is a completely FREE CRM that allows any business to easily organize, track, and grow their client pipeline.  You can store as many as 1,000,000 contacts, companies, deals & tasks.  This is definitely one of the best CRMs in the market.  Did we mention it’s free???  forever!

There are many free and low cost tools to help you and your business.  Do you have any recommendations?  Add your favorites in the comments below.

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